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tell me the difference


what is the difference between love & attraction?



love is the feeling that appear when you  feel happy by a people and want to make that one whom you love feel  happy too. attraction is when you meet a verry beautyful and sexy one,you can not turn off your eyes away,but just pay attention to that one,and feel a emotion of disire having sex,or disire of being next that one ,it is the fact,attraction and love alway be toghether,and be the reason of existing of another

I think love and attraction have different meaning,cause when you love someone you love character and same habit

no one but yourself can tell you the difference,you might be attracted to many people, when you love, you become very loyal


thanks to all of you for giving the valuable suggestion.

Hi ashok

I think that often the love begin with the attraction. Usually when i know a girl, i look her physical aspect. After i begin to speak with her. I like to understand what does she like, which are her interests, what kind of person is....etc etc...then if i see her again and i understand that is a pleasure sent hours and hours with her, this means that can arise something. So by a simple knowledge can arise a love that , in many case , can become a true love.

My last experience is born in this way



hi gaetano

you are right coz when we meet a girl first time it is our attraction & when we know more about her character,her behaviour, her hobbies we started love her. thank you.............

Attraction is just a sexual issue, love is more than it. Love is when you are happy to share moments with one person, when you need that person beside you...

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