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I have been watching korean dramas for 6 months. i am new but i can tell that korean dramas is the best dramas in the world in my opinion. you can find in dramas what do you want. if you are bored, you can watch romantic comedy or if you want to watch sentimental one, korean dramatic tv series help you. If you love science fiction, they are awesome again. recently i watched a korean drama and it was about hackers. the drama's name is GHOST and now it is the best drama for me. secondly about romantic comedy, My Girl absolutely satisfy you. 
Also i am not fan of Kpop but the soundtracks in the dramas are really perfect. here is the best soundtracks for me
first one is My Girl
secon one is again My Girl :)
third one is Boys Over Flowers
fourth one is I am sorry I love you(mianhada saranda). this one is really dramatic. you can understand from song.
and again I am sorry I love you

if you want to start korean dramas or movies, i can help you ;)
or if you are already fan of korean dramas, lets talk about that ;) 



did you watch bin-jip? it is one of the best dramas about love. the most interesting thing is that thee were no speaking between main characters..


I am fond of Korean shows. I haven't finished watching all the episodes of My Girl but I knew that the lead actor will be able to find his true cousin and eventually fell in love with the girl, who pretended to be his cousin. I usually watch the shows online because it is difficult to catch up on television. 

Hi! I cannot say that I am huge fan of korean dramas, but I like some of them:

1. Iljimae (Il-Ji-Mae: The Phantom Thief) - historical very beautiful one. The music in these series is amazing!!!

2. A love to kill - heartbreaking romantic story.

3. You are beautiful - comedy about boysband, but there is a love story as well (of course :-))





Afifa where are youuu? :)
hi Nadya. I watched a love to kill and it was really amazing. also songs in the A love to kill were brilliant. now i am watching full house and the main character is the same person in A love to kill.
also i recommend Full House to all of you. it is really amusing. now i am in 5th episodes.
and Makeni, althought you know the final of my girl, you should watch until the final. you wont regret! 

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