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Seriously, would you mind?

I have just wrote my pen pal a letter on a beautiful creamy paper with a red rose on the background. However, it is the paper I got from a drug company so it has its brand name written on it. And the medicine is a combined oral contraceptive. Do you think it is appropriate to write to a pen pal on a paper like this? Is contraception morally wrong? I don't know, I just think it's a beautiful paper. Please share your opinion. Thank you.




Depends on the view of the penpal. If you are worried about misunderstanding, you could write an additional note saying that you chose the letter paper because you like the design and have no intention of stating your position about the issue. 

Thank you for your comments. I eventually rewrote all the text into another piece of paper since I have no idea what my pen pal might think. I thought about explaining the brand as well, but, then, I thought I would sound like making an excuse. But, the thing is that wasn't the only paper I have anyway. 

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