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Italki, who would DARE to leave comments on your entries these days?? ;(

These days leaving comments on entries here is somehow horrible!

Firstly, you should check one by one your friend's last entries to know if they have any recent update, because there is not any option anymore that shows to you,  in one page, whole your friend's recent updates!

Anyway if you have ever done it ( I mean checking one by one), you would know how sucky it would  be!

Actually I mostly give up in this step and leave italki before going to the next step!



Ok! Let assume that after spending a great deal of time, you have found an entry which you want to leave a comment there, then you ask yourself  these:

1: Can I remind it later that I have left any comment here?

2: how many times should I check it till I see if anyone else left comment here to replying my comment or saying his own comment?

3: Isnt it like taking to air,all vein?

4:why should I spend this too much time just for ONE comment?

5: Am i mad, why am i still here?

and then yes , you would leave that entry! 


Then you will go in pondering mood and you would start an inside conversation like this: earlier ,when I could leave comments here ( on old italki lovely version) , actually I could compell myself to speak with other people about various different things which were interesting for me in the language which I was learning, so since they were interesting, I could try to learn new vocabularies enthusiastically to convey my words about interesting topics! 


Furthermore, I could follow my friends comments and know their culture, interests, living style, etc better, or even I could start to argue with them about intersting things, and it gave me this feeling like I am really LIVING in a SOCIETY which IS SPEAKING IN my SECOND LANGUAGE, as same as I have traveld to that language speaking country! but now it is more like i am ALONE here among strangers, and it really, really, really is sucking!

For me, itaki was like society and learning languages here was like a hobby, but not any more at all! 


I am a kind of disappointed! ;(




Comments should be engaging and terse.  


Not necessarily terse , but engaging, yes.

xarmanla, these days leaving comments is such sucky that make me give up to leave ANY comment at all! engaging or not engaging and terse or not, any comment,any! 

Bullwinkle, you used the exact accurate word "disaster"! Thank you very much, buddy! :)

Alex thank you for your comment! :) 

lena, thank you dear for your comment! I hope they will make things better! :)

@Bullwinkle, you might also move to That's more or less like Italki but faster and with a Chat Group with people chatting :P

Totally agree with everything that has been written here.

Elina, it looks like you write down my thoughts  :)

Thank you for starting this discussion and I still hope that guys who run the site will change their mind and will restore previous functionality or even better - they will discuss with italki comunity how to turn the site into the real social net. I stated here many times that the main core of such net must be a possibility to make friends, follow their and share users own activity.

Thank you very much Ihor for your comment here! I hope the same like you! Your words are accurate! Thank you! :)

Nice topic for discussion Elina. I do agree with you. Someone recomend to me. But I don't like its layout. I love italki so much. Maybe I should try other websites too. I wonder whether or not they are able to fix all misfeatures and bugs they have made.

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