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Writing tips for Chinese short essays, transition words (写中文文章的技巧)

I'm looking for tips to improve my Chinese writing; especially when it comes to writing short essays. I have been recieveing unsatisfactory marks, in this particular area, in a Chinese course I'm currently undertaking.


What kind of transition words do you consider essential for Chinese essay writing? The ones I use the most are as follows:

Words showing contrast - 但,可是,但是,然而,不过,则,另外,另一方面

Words for illustration - 首先,其次,再次,例如,比如,譬如,其实,事实上

Continuation - 此外,另外,并且,而且,还有

Conclusion - 最后,从而,于是,因此,总结来说


What other transition words or sentence structures do you think should be used in well-written Chinese essays or articles?











Hi ,你在写英语文章的时候会考虑structure么? 一如我们。写中文作文的初期,建议你imitate some late Chinese essays,最好是选近期的文章,毕竟有些文字已经淘汰了不实用了。Practise writing more,and look for mandarin speaker helping you correcting. The importance is language sense,not structure skills.通过结构技巧得高分没有意义。

sophia: "通过结构技巧得高分没有意义"


Unfortunately when studying at a university and want to apply for a MA at a prestigious school, then it matters.

I'm afraid I can't agree with Sophia. '通过结构技巧得高分没有意义' should only be her own opinions.

Structure does affect how others comprehend the text. For foreigners who want to learn Chinese writing, starting from something easier like structure is reasonable and normal. Structure helps organization to a large extent.


In response to Petter's question, most transition words you use are okay but some of them if being used might sound weird.


Words for illustration - '再次' should be changed to 再者, 再次means 'again', not 'moreover'

(e.g. 你再次犯错-> you make mistakes again.)


Conclusion - 最后,因此,总结来说,[ 总的来说, 可见, 综合上述观点 -can also be used as the start of conclusion]


从而,于是- they may not be commonly used in the conclusion.





我在寫作時總是試著減少 transition words,太累贅了,對我來說精簡的文章才是好文章。一點個人意見。



对于transition words,作为一个学习中文的外国人我还是觉得它十分重要。如果掌握怎么样用它的话,写的东西就会看起来更地道一些,更加会显得是一个收过教育的人写的东西吧。

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