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Do you like sport??

I like sport. My favourite sport is kickboxing. I treining 3 years. 



In the US and I guess also the anglophone regions in Canada it would be, "Do you like sports?". The way you worded might be according to British English. Although, "Do you play any sports?", or "Are there any sports that you like?" might capture your meaning better.

"I've been training for three years."

My favourite sport is volleyball but am practising swimming.i go to the swimming pool,5 times in a week.but I think i will stop by next month because winter is coming and the session starts usually in the morning.

my favourite game is cricket

I like a lot kind of sports , but I haven't done sport since 6 mouth, because actually is cold and snowy in my country.
In the summer ( spring, autumn) I love cycling (my bike is waiting for better weather), playing volleyball on the beach, swimming, jogging.
Generally, sport is good for health, improve frame of mind, circulation, can help with lose my weight.
Is better than the best medicine in the world!

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