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பிரதீப் - What is the meaning?

Hello All,

I would like to know wha is the meaning for this word...

Thanks in advance



i can help you in hindi.


பிரதீப்  meaning for this word is " light".It is a boys name in tamil language.

Hi dear Santhiram,


Can I use this word to say Pradeep?

I know in HindI this termination deep means light.

I would like to know the right way to write Pradeep in Tamil but I can find many different ways.


thanks for your time help!

i can help u in hindi. currently i am learning portugese . can you help me?


தீபம் deepam means lamp. It is from Sanskrit which is why it ends in "am" in Tamil.

pra is from sanskrit meaning: before or in front of. In this case Pradeep in sanskrit means one who gives light to others. So a lamp.

Pradeep in tamil should be பிரதீபம் (piradeepam) but பிரதீப் would be the more common.


தீபாவளி deepaavali of course is Diwali - an array of lamps.

its just a name...

It's an Indian male given name, 'Pradeep'. I don't think it can be used as a word. And, it exists in other regions in South Asia that use Sanskritic names, as well.


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