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Is the policy bad? ¿Es la política mala, o lo son sus representantes?

 Somos de diferentes lugares del mundo, pero aun asi muchas personas coinciden en el mismo tema

"la política apesta", se nos enseña a tenerle "asco" y dejar esos asuntos a los representantes.

Entonces ¿Cuál seria la verdadera respuesta?


 Cual es tu punto de vista


Intentando traducir




We are from different places around the world,however , there are a lot of people that coincide about the same topic:

"The policy stinks", we were taught to hate it, and leave those business to the policy's representatives



So, What's the right answer? 

what do you think about this ?








Hi Adan,
You're philosopher :)
I agree with you on your main idea: they don't want us to be interested in politics.
When ex-USSR crashed many people were interested in politics. Now they ceased to keep interest in politics. They became as vegitables.

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