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Today I want to talk about a small part of Social Engineering. 
maybe you dont notice but someone usually directs us.
forexample when you go to the restaurant, waiter asks you 'Would you like to coke or airan?'
he offers you two choice and if you are an asocial person you feel 'i have to choose one of them'.
But if you are confident, you can tell 'no i want water' or another drink...
this is a small part of our life. someone always try to direct you.
Dont let!!



I have same take as you ..... everyone tries to impose own idea to the others. they can not have a good choice and be successful in their professional or personal life. " With the gratest respect I should think about it more " I reply when those people try to direct me. 


of course it is about how asocial you are. if you inherit ideas from herd, that mean you are asocial.
also sometimes we dont notice what do we want, that is why we are in herd. 

:) :p

Social Engineers are parasites that play with people's stupidity. It is widespread and most of us don't even realialize it. 

Yasin, in complaining about the problem of people trying to direct our lives, you tried to direct our lives.  That is precisely what you did when you said, "someone always try to direct you.
Dont let!!"

people think that too but 

for example when you will visit Algeria you will see people direct you not as you think but they are very Collaborators so they give you advices or they want to taste you some foods traditional

Neil i guess you are a little bit right. but actually, i just wanted to give advice. it was recommendation and you could understand what did i mean. i talked about general situation and finally told my personality opinions. 

Moulay i agree with you but if that recommendation was the most expensive drink for restaurant. or if any advice is the best choice for adviser but not for you? 
maybe it is just for waiter's benefit.
it was just an example you can reproduce this stories. this example is so honest but there is worse of these examples.. 

i think it's something very normal, since we are human being we have to influence people and be influenced by others.
& generally,,the strong one influence the weak one, the conscious one influence the unconscious ... so we have to be more aware in our dealings with others in order to not get a bad ideas!

I have the same ideas with you , we should not be controled by others ,we should have our own ideas to decide everything.

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