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Do you like to cook for yourself?

I like to cook. Do you?



 lol  I love cooking too though I'm not very good at it ~~~It's a lot fun.

Hi Tracy

I have started cooking when i was forced to leave my country and live alone in other city. The first days i have had many problems. I didn't know what prepare and how cook. Everyday i called my mother that explained to me what do.
With time and experience, i improved my cook. I had a dinner with other people, I prepared a dinner to my parents too.
Now when my mother doesn't prepare me and i come back to home very hungry, i know what prepare.



Sometimes, when I have spare time.  I don't like to cook after a hard day's work, but it's really fun.  Due to lack of practice, it will take me a long time to cook a meal. 

I love cooking, but I always end all the refrigerator's food, and that doesn't like to my mom :S

No,i have no interest.but i am a good food aficionado

im very loved cooked ..

hm ...what food is your love ?

sorry if my english is not good ...cauze im having learn english beginner :) ....

I like cooking for myself for several very practical reasons.

first of all, it is a lot cheaper than eating out in the retaurants.

for example, last friday, i went to one of the fanciest retaurants in my town to have dinner with a couple of my friends. We only ordered a few dishes, but it cost us an arm and a leg. But if i cook at home preparing for the same dishes, it would be like less than half the cost. 

and also, it is a good way for me to make friends if i can cook. 

One of my good friends named Jack always invite people to his house to have meals together. he is a good cook and people all like his dishes and would love to join the get-together. In this way, my friend manages to make a lot of friends.



is this a good answer? 

I like to eat rather than cook.

So many fantastic answers! Thank you everyone :)


I think the next time, I will make the post a notebook entry so that everyone can comment on each reply!

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