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What are the traditional views on marriage and family culture in America?

I'm working on an essay about it, I would like to know more.

for me, they are

1. freedom and equality

2. contractual marriage

3. nuclear family


Am I right? could some native american tell me something about it? Thank you very much!




The words "Native American" have a meaning here that you might understand. They refer to someone descended from the people who were here before the Europeans arrived (and took over). Usually the term refers to people who lived in North America, although maybe could also be applied to the Aztecs, the Qeuchua, the Mayans, and so on. But not usually. In Canada they use the term "First Nations", or, "First Nation member", specifically. "Could someone who lives in the USA tell me about it?". Some people theorized that the Native American peoples came here via the Aleutian pennensuala, thousands of years ago from Asia, during an ice age when they could walk across the ice.

Same-sex marriage is one of the issues debated here. In general, Liberals (who often vote Democrat) support it while conservatives (who often vote Republican and might be Christian) oppose it. Although keep in mind this is an oversimplification. I think marriage here is similar to it there. To some extent people marry within their own ethnic group, but not always. A "nuclear" family is family with married heterosexual parents and about 2 children. It is not uncommon to encounter someone here who has been divorced. Laws vary by state but I think for the most part either person in a marriage can file for divorce. I think maybe Oregeon, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and California might be the states which have passsed bills recognizing gay and lesbian marriage. Here, freedom and equality often has more to do with the relationships between women and their employers than between husband and wife, but not always. Domestic abuse exists here for course, stereotypically amongst working class people but that's a stereotype. Women still earn less for the same job than men for the most part I think, on average, and this is legal. And although there are female members of congress, professors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, in some fields men are still over-represented (not me, not yet anyway). We have not yet had a female president, although Hillary Clinton has or had some chance of getting the nomination for the Democratic candidacy. The concept of "contractual marriage" is a little foreign to me, from my (lower) middle class background. I hope this is helpful but maybe you already know if you look at our media regularly.  

Thanks very much! From you I clearly understand the word "native American"


The "contractual marriage", for me, It's that people wants go to marry would like to sign a contract before marriage, about how to divide their property or who is going to take care of their kids if they got divorce.

Thank you Alex!

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