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I need help

hello people I am new on this website but I have some questions, doesn't the chat serve? because I don't see answers of the people and I have to upload the chat again in order to see the answers or if somoene wants to chat, I can't send messages to the people who I add them or following, only if someone is following me right? I don't get very much how can I learn a language here? I would like your help thanks, I don't know if this post violate your rules but I don't know where I can ask?



Hola! pues si, el chat es malísimo, no funciona casi nunca. La forma es mandar un mensaje, pero aún así, no es seguro que lo reciban al momento, yo lo que hago es cuando consigo hablar con alguién, cambiamos dirección de gmail, así creo que es mas fácil...


Saludos desde España!

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You can send different messages only your friends. If you write your message to your friend and this friend has a status "chat online" he/she can recieve this message into chat and as message. You don't have to open next pages when you talk into chat because you will lose yuor messages or you can close chat and your friend couldn't see you in chat. If you have some opened pages you can recieve chat's messages everywhere and you have to check all pages.

How you can learn English here:

You can find a teacher and take some lessons of English.

You can find friends and talk with them.

You can write different texts in your notebook and people can write to you.

You can ask questions and you need to open special page for it "ask question".

Good luck for you



I know the chat server doesn't work and I can't send messages to the people that I am following but I can comment.

then I can't send messages only public comments

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