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i cant find anyone to teach me german... =/

who can help me?



Go to the Language Partners tab. Look for people who are native German speakers and are trying to learn Portuguese. There are quite a few people who meet this specific description, so it will be easy to look through the list, find active members, and then message them.

I already did it. but i cant find anyone with time to teach. =|


And what about a teacher? Have you already checked their timetables?

i kan help u


Hello Izadora,

I am native speaker and professional teacher. If you are interested, we can arrange a free trial lesson. 


mee toooooooooooo



I'd love to help you!

I didn't learn any portuguese yet but i really really like the language and the sound of it. I'd love to learn some portuguese! I am also learning spanish so this might help :)

Text me if you still need an language exchange partner.


Regards, Alice

I couldn't too!


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