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Why would Harlem shake be The #1 on the billboard?



It's a big wave my brother. You may think is a stupid song, but people like stupid things, it sells.

Because online views are counted now. Remember '#1' doesn't mean the best, it just means the most popular or most seen/heard.

Because we (America) loves stupid dances we can do for a month and then move on (Gangnam style!)...but as we have ran out of new ones, we had to bring back Harlem Shake which I remember from middle school.

Thanks for your yall answers. I ain't say this is stupid, my friend giovanni. Yea. This song is just really catchy with the beats and rhythm. I agree with you Harry. Back in middle school? Oh wow. Dat is a great coming back, huh. Now I am looking forward to seeing macklemore & Ryan Lewis performing in Fort Collins, CO at the end of this summer. 


Wish yall enjoy at great summer! 

I believe its not because of its song but its because of its weird dance step.

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