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The best food

whats your favourite food? if it is local and special for your region, introduce it if you want?



Да,Русские пирожки)))моя бабушка их печет всегда,в традицию вошло скорее не блюдо а напиток-водка)))

"Gheyme" I really can't explain it :))) just come to Iran and eat it

The best dish in Belarus is DRANIKI

It is shredded potato with choppod meat inside

thing round mixture fry on pen








Having been away from home a long time, I have a good idea what foods I miss the most:
sloppy joes

marshmallow Rice Krispies treats

banana bread (usually has walnuts and smells wonderful, but Americans give you HUGE portions)

very weak coffee ;)

all Mexican food (I'm not from Mexico, but it's easy to find at home and not here)

SATE --> a stick of meat + Gulay (sauce)

Dim sum; it is Chinese (Cantonese)food.I'm not Chinese person though.There are verious kind of dim sum,sticky rice and meats,and shrimp Dumpling etc. 

I've eaten it Hong Kong and Guang Dong province.I miss it so much.


Haggis, neeps and tatties-haggis with the root vegetable turnip and potatoes-the turnip and potatoes are bioled (separately) and then mashed (separately), the flavour of each part of the meal compliments the other tastes.  Haggis is the dish we have in Scotland to celebrate Burns' Night- the night we celebrate our most famous poet-Robert Burns.

In autumn time i like to eat fried potatoes with salty mushrooms from forest, in cold winter - hot borsch, when spring comes i prefer soup from young sorrel and nettles and in summer every kind of berries and fruits that grow in my garden.

And then i visit a town I indulge myself creamy soup with prawns sometimes.

my grandmoms:)

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