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falling in love

Tell me your views about being in love with a person from a foreign country.



Hello,i is from Russia,i wanted study English,help me!)

ok Рустам follow me. if u have skype add me@ mykelll2

Love is connecting 2 peoples. and those peoples are not always at the same race or country. i think, love accepts 2 peoples that are not at the same race or country.

After all, we are human race, so its good as long as we are loving the same earth race, i mean human race. ('cause i don't want to be with a fish :) ) 

There is no national boundary to fall in love.Bless you!

Nothing is impossible :))))))))

Hi Майкл

i think that love is a beautiful thing but How Can you fall in love of a girl if she live far by you? I prefer to be with my girl always , spend everyday with her. If i think that she isn't with me, i became sad and nervous.

Это нежелательно. This is undesirable. Мы в своей стране имеет большой выбор партнёра из 111 национальностей. We are in our country has a large selection of 111 partner nations.

Everything is possible :D

I think this must be very difficult, because I lived something similar, I had to go to another city for working and My girlfriend had to stay here studying at the University, I was in that city for 8 months and It was very difficult because we only saw each other by internet or by calls and we can not go outside, we can not kiss each other, we can not hug each other, we can not see at our eyes, we can not go to dinner together, We discussed a lot and we almost broke out our relationship. I have met a lot of people from other countries and Sometimes I have felt strong feelings about a person who is outside of my country but I don´t like to start a relationship when two people are far away. I think if you have strong feelings for another person who is outside of your country, you should meet her/him face to face and then start to know about each other, another problem that I see is culture and religion because if you are muslim and she is christian there is a big wall to destroy.

I prefer to have a relationship with a person from my own country and with the same religion to avoid all these stuffs.  

just....dont do it

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