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I'm Thai learning Chinese :)

Hi there! I'm from Thialand who'd like to go to college in Taiwan after high school graduation

basically I want a scholarship, such a big dream for who know nothing about Chinese language XO

so I'm here looking for someone who can teach me :) 


ใครถนัดจีนไต้หวันแแล้วพอจะสอนได้ช่วยสอนด้วยนะคะอยากเรียนที่ไต้หวันมากๆ ><

Thank you.



I can help u ,tell me ur msn or yahoo messager, we can chat in there .

I can help~~ if u want to learn mandarin

how about your colleage life in Taiwan ?

HI~im form Taiwan.

Maybe i can introduce Taiwan for U!

hi friend ,i can help you , I also want to learn your language , I want to travel to Thialand next year :p   New year is coming ,HAPPY NEW YEAR O(n-n)O

I can help you learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture

I hope we can be language friends

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