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you think, you are happy?

people are less happy than before. people have differing ideas about the past and the present are or not.  Do you think that people are happy? thanks to technology about make our life more easy, and make us to excess to latest technology. so are we happy now?



People are happy when they choose to be. Many people don't really know what happiness is, and make choices based on wrong ideas about happiness. I think that disappointments with the modern lifestyle will make people reconsider happiness, as not something external (a goal) but an internal state (way of thinking and being.)

Different cultures have different notions of happiness. Americans cannot easily imagine being happy and not having a successful career and good income, while in other cultures it is perfectly normal. Overall, as a world, I think we are becoming happier because we are changing our beliefs, but already we are happier and more peaceful than in the last century.

Some people think that the brain is the biggest prison to intrinsic being within the human being.
human beings are sentenced to live the past and the future, never the present.

I think unhappiness is not the cause of technology, all of us, each human is condemned to live in captivity, yes! my dear friend, we are slaves, were born in a prison.
See for yourself, from the cradle we have prepared and educated to produce. Modern man is a machine to produce. Old human beings worked only for food, more time for family and recreation, they didn't work for businessmen, they didn't have uniforms, they didn't have schedules.

We need to make a small sum: working hours, hours to get dressed for work, hours to go to work... = SLAVERY The modern human life is based on sleep and work, work and sleep. We can call this a human being? that sounds more like a battery... children alone, without parents, stress, routines, fast food, less recreation, compulsive shopping... because we are afraid and we feel oppression, about what? We are a sad puppets of the oligarchy, and you know what is the worst thing? we are going to teach this system to our children.

I'm not entirely happy because I'm a slave. A slave in the release process.

I think human beings are beautiful and can create, and feel love at the same time but the system has forced us to forget these aspects, sad...

 No creo que sea la tecnologia la que nos hace infelices.

En mi opinion es el consumismo (y todo eso), y si nos sentimos tristes pues buscaremos el "Ipad" que esta de moda n.n




(Im practicing my english)




I dont think that the technology make us unhappy

I think that is the consumerism (and all that), and if we feel sad then we will looking for the "Ipad" that make us "happy"



Hii,, yeah, sometimes we are not happy. but try to be happy and come to the happy communty, and you will be happy too :D

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