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How much living cost in Qingdao, China with family?

Dear All,

I'll move to Qingdao, China in August. I would like to know:

1. How much living cost with one/two bed room apartment?

2. I've four year old son. How much need to pay play school? How is schooling in quigdao?

3. What about tax? As i am forigner. So how much i need to pay tax?

Awaiting for your suggestion. Thanks for your help.




I lived in Qingdao for a three month period last year.


1. The price of renting an apartment depends on where it is resided, just like in any city. But if you don't mind living a 10-15 min drive by car away from the city center, it is possible to find very cheap apartments of good quality. We paid about 4000 RMB for a spacious 2 story furnished apartment in a nice area with 4 bedrooms, a big livingroom, and 2 toilet.


2. No idea. But I'm sure it will be rather expensive if you want to put your son/daughter in an international school with other Western kids.


3. Taxi rides are cheap in Qingdao, it start at 10 RMB and then there is another 1,4 RMB for each km, which seems to be standard price in large Chinese cities.



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