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what do you think a bout religion?

can you tell me ?



Like many things, some good, some bad. Pretty much every "ism" and philosophy and worldview has been abused or misinterpreted by someone. Personally though, I don't believe in any religion really.

my religion is my soul 

 & you,what do you think !!!

If Jesus, Mohammad, and Siddartha Guatama were to have known the things that would be done in their names...

its abig stone on the magic of human.. but human need it .. we have  small mind..

"Walden is more sacred to me than all of the cathedrals of Europe." (something like that) - Henry David Thoreau. Walden is a small lake near Boston where Thoreau lived for a while and wrote one of his books. He's associated with the transcendentialist movement in American literature and thought, along with Ralph Waldo Emerson and some others. There was a journal (periodical or magazine) associated with the transcendentialists, "The Dial" that was published for a while.

To be honest, I don't know if any the English translations of I have read of the Quran are really that good or capture the original meaning. I have one in my possession or on my bookshelf. "Ye" is used in lieu of "you" very often some reason. That is just one thing. 

i think every person should believe something good from each religien

but in my idea islam is the best religion that i have seen i think it's better than other religions

Quran has a lots of good things to learn and having the best life

you prefer you to read it becasue after that you can underestand what i am saying

someother religions doesn't have god and some other's has 3 gods or.....

i think people should blieve something to live i mean if religion wasn't we had a meaningless life

because our belief can control us

I think we should take last religion to be our religion and our  life ,  the last religion is islam . in the past; people  go with the new religion it appeared , and  now the last religion is islam and  it is religion for right and isn't have any invalid thing  , holly quran have  many things make you be muslim , I think you should know this religion and you will belive  it is  right religion .

I used to discuss with religion and philosophy from my country but it happened something very weird.

They would delete some content that is not philosophiers' saying although you talked about the same content of philosophers' saying that mean philosopher talked about

 I did a fake trick I always say that some philosopher say.....

"...." is my words actually.So then they did not delete it. They dont read all too and I want to solve the present question. So always happened what the word philosophy meaning to them.

Buddhism comes from India but our historical book call it sinicize.

Then during cultural revolution in china, Buddhism as if being a object was destroyed.

So I think about what they destroyed actually, I seemed to see others religion that has the revelation.

So I think I fixed my view to the content instead of paying to attention to the word religion.

the dynamite was created to make our life more comfortable and simple but "human" is using it to kill others.....
unfortunately religions specially Islam have the same situation....

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