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Learning beginner Mandarin reseources?

I'm thinking about starting to study Chinese. I have a couple of Chinese classmates, and I want to know what they're talking about when they start speaking in Chinese.

What websites are there for specifically learning Chinese? Any tips are welcome



Hi Johanna, has been especially helpful to me. I started a year ago and long passed the survival level. If you want to understand what your classmates say though, it takes a little more than a website and a couple of weeks to be able to understand chinese speaking Chinese.


Enjoy though, if you really consider to start this language - it's addictive!




It'll take a lot of serious study before you have any clue what they are talking about. How long do you have?

We used social networking sites is Microblogs(just like Sina microblogs) and QQ(Instant messaging,the same to MSN).

I think the best way to learn Chinese is to enrol onto a course. If you are gifted, after a few weeks you can catch some words when they talk, and after a few months you can get the gist of the conversation. To understand them completely and to join the conversation require a bit more effort. But it's do-able. One of my old English colleagues has learned Chinese for 2 years, he is now very close to fluent! 

If you want I am very glad to exchange Mandarin with English.

We can help each other thus we may find an available time in skype changing language equivalently.

Please feel free to contact me.

Many chinese use the QQ, so you'd better establish a QQ, you will make more friends with chinese by using the QQ, if you are intertested chinese,maybe ,i can become your friend, i will can help you to learn chinese.

We learned about ten years English but most of us hardly talked in English. I learned my English with a lot of how to spell it, can you repeat, can you speak a little bit slower, etc. If you have learned a little Chinese, then try to communicate with Chinese with Nihao, Where are you going, what did you eat, and so on. At the beginning, it will be tough but after  you get used to it, you feel you learn quite a lot. It's easier cause you're in China. I met an American guy who was speaking awesome Taiwanese/Southern Fujian Dialect by learning by chatting with his neighbours. It was even harder than Chinese.

Hook up with native chinese speakers here. Loads of people willing to do language exchange. Also a lot of teachers on this website offering chinese classes pretty cheap. Think it might be useful with a teacher if you are beginner / elementary level. I wouldn't recommend enrolling in a chinese course actually. They tend to be quite expensive, and one on one classes are much more useful. 


Pleco (mobile-app) - amazing dictionary with loads of example sentences

Chinesepod - This is REALLY useful, though not for free.. - A lot of videos, some series are quite good - Really useful website for beginner chinese learning. Very clear, good explanations of grammar and sentencepaterns.


THE most important thing though - SPEAK with people :-) Once you learn a little bit, try using it to speak with your classmates. It will be very difficult in the beginning, but after a while it gets better and better...



Chinese with Mike 
His first lesson on Youtube 

His website (can also free downlaod textbook here)


I thought he teaches really well even if 'm a native Madarin speaker. Learning Chinese is interesting, if you follow with his step. Most important, it's free! And easy to approach!
Hope u enjoying in learning Chinese:-)


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