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Have you ever wished you were born in another place or time?

Have you ever wished you were born in another place or time? Where and when did you wish you had been born? Why?



no never ,, i'm satisfied about everything, cuz if i start to wish then,to blame, i'll never stop & i won't see the beauty of my life !! 
wht do u think ?? wht about u ?? 

   some time  , but I think I best , haha

Hi Afifa


I was born in italy....i love my native country but if I was borned in England or Ireland, I already knew english language and I wouldn't have the problems that i have today...



@ Gaetano,

I used to wish that I was born in an English-speaking country, but I think that then I would wish to be born in another country when I need to learn another language, not English. It takes time to master a foreign language. it's good that we have a social media and networking site like italki to share and to learn from each other.

No I never wished I was born elsewhere. Because if I was born elsewhere I would wonder how is life here anyway. It's normal that people think elsewhere is better. But  I also think it is more of a feeling than truth. What I do wish is however to travel and stay little longer in countries that I like, but also get back home later on. :)

No, i dont. I always try to love my country, which is our country, Indonesia :D

Ya, I love my country, my parents, friends... Vietnam is always best in my heart. I love my life here although there are many difficulties i have to get. Another country, it's my travelling dream.

So thank you very much for your question.

can i have ur skype id ?


i wish there were no borders or barriers and people could decide for themselves where they want to live or work,much more exciting and interesting.

The world as global village  on my computer it is already reality the world wide web 




Yes,for several times.

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