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How much does it cost to watch a movie in your country?

In China, it takes around 80 RMB(2D) and 100 RMB(3D) to watch a movie. Of course, discout is available if you have a membership card. Group buy is also a good choice, which offers 50 percent to 80 percent discount, even cheaper than buying a movie ticket with membership card.


How much does it cost to watch a movie in your country?



around 26 rmb, more or less for 2D. in several cinema, we can get cheaper price, around 12 RMB per ticket from monday to friday.

I've never watch 3D, but i think it's around 38 RMB.

but it's been a long time since i went to the movie.

In Russia (Khabarovsk city) 3D ticket takes around 350 ruble (=11$).

about $5.00 to $6.00, and that is just for the tickets. We also have discounts for veterans and seniors and most theaters have a kids rate that is about $2.50. If you want popcorn or coke or other snacks it will be extra.



Around 35-55 pesos (3-5 dollars).

Em。。。。。。the most expensive ticket is China!?


In many parts of the US, ticket prices have gone up to about $10 - $15 USD.  It has become really insane, haha.  A cup of soda or box of candy at our theaters will cost you between $4 - $6 USD.   Therefore,  two people seeing a movie together could easily spend somewhere close to $40 USD!!

In Japan, one ticket for adult costs 1,800 yen (about 16-17USD).

It's too expensive. Of course, it does not inculde any snack and drink.

And if you see the 3D, it costs plus 300 yen.

Some theaters gave us the 3D glasses and next time you take them, you have a discount "100yen"(about 1USD) So you can see the 3D movie with 2,000yen.(about 19-20USD)

Some theaters reuse them so you have to give them back after watching a movie.


On the first day of the month in Japan, it is called "Movie Day" so we can watch a movie with 1,000 yen.

(about 8-9USD). But on 3D, you have to pay extra 300 yen(about 2-3USD).

Some theaters also have their own special day a month. On that day, we can watch one with 1,000yen(about8-9USD), too.

So I often go to the theater on those days.


What do you think of it? 


HA.......The most expensive ticket is USA^_^

In Ukraine ( Odessa city) the tickets to the cinema costs approximately 60-80 grn (10$)

The cheapest one is 100 Php (around 2 US D)

Regular theaters were about 150 Php to 250 Php (around 3 to 5 US D)


-from Philippines

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