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quote in korean

"사랑하라 , 한번도 상처받지 않은 것처럼 춤추라 , 아무도 바로보고 있지않은 것처럼 노래하라 , 아무도 듣고 있지않은 것처럼 일하라 , 돈이 필요하지않은 것처럼 살아라 , 오늘이 마지막 날인 것처럼"



what does it mean? :)

"silanghala, hanbeondo sangcheobadji anheun geotcheoreom chumchura, leemudo barobago issjianheun geotcheoreom no raehara, leemudo deudgo issjianheun geotcheoreom ilhara, doni pilyohajianheun geotcheoreom sal-ara , oneul lee majimak nalinn geotcheoreom.."


is it i'm correct for the pronounce??correct it if i'm wrong..:)


The meaning is....


"Live as if you do not need money, Love, that nobody is listening, dance as you have never been hurt, sing as if no one is not looking right, as today, as the last day"


Am I correct??correct it I'm wrong is not translate by me..but by system..^_^

@Yaana Abdullah :: yeah its correct but

아무도 --> ahmudo
아 : ah    이: iee
and yeah the translation is pretty good.

@Yaana Abdullah :: yeah its correct but

아무도 --> ahmudo
아 : ah 이: iee

the meaning : @Vania Li & yanna

“Love as if you’ve never been hurt before,

dance as if no one’s watching,

sing as if nobody’s listening,

work even if you don’t need the money,

live like today’s the last day”

(sorry i have no idea how to delet my last comment :'(... )


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