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Easter traditions

Hi frends!

Last Sunday lot of people celebrated Easter. Ukraine are Orthodox country and our Easter (in Ukrainian: ‘Velykden’ or ‘Paskha’) will be 5th of May (this year). Saturday evening (evening before Easter) people gather in the church for the Easter vigil till the very morning when priests bless the food believers brought. After that people go home to celebrate Easter with their families. If they meet other people on the way they say: “Christ is risen!” and these people should reply “Risen indeed”. All the people exchange Easter greetings and give each other painted eggs (krashanky).Painted eggs it's my favourite part, you can paint what you want))) 

Easter cake (‘Kulich’) and painted eggs (‘Krashanki’) are the symbols of Ukrainian Easter and obligatory food on the table this day. Kulich is baked from yeast dough in the form of cylinder. Krashanka is a boiled and painted egg. We have super funny Easter game with eggs: knocking the eggs. If you knock somebody’s egg and you egg is not broken than you are the winner.

There are our basic traditions of Easter, I hope you like it)))  

Tell me about your traditions and Easter games, if you have) And don't forget about Easter bunny and chocolate eggs....mmm sounds tasty (chocolate, not a bunny).










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