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What is your drem ?

What is your drem ?  When I was a child, I have a dream that..........As I grew older ,  something had been changing.



To travel.

To be a kindergarten teacher!

I agree with you because change is the is the nature of life


I want to live in South Korea and I want to have my own clothing shop :-)!


Have a new one every other day..lolz... But no matter what, I want to be happy always..

being the best dentist in the world

my dream is to become an spiderman.and whan i was a child, i have a dreams that "if ever human being in the globe will able to fly in the air......then how our life will become, and i always think how to bring thought in to reality..............

If only my main dream - to stay young and never die - came true, I would never have problems with the rest of my dreams...

I  remembered when was child i wanted all men around will be happy=)

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