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how can i speak english fluently?



1. Speak english by your self in front of mirror.

2. Speak practical english with your friends.

3. Speak with natives face to face or via cam online.

Speak its about talk, talk need partner, and partner can be everyone.


i can suggest three ways to improve your fluency..practice practice and practice..there are no shortcuts to it.

thanks you give me some nice suggestions

Thanks you for giving me some nice suggestions or thanks you for giving me some suggestions. I think it sounds better like that. :) good luck.

1. Study everyday: immerse yourself in the language, listen, read, speak etc. - continuity and regularity is key!

2. Try to use it from day 1 onwards! (very important)

3. Speak with natives (go to some Englisgh-speaking country, if possible)

4. Motivate yourself: why u want to learn? And keep reminding yourself of your goals, constantly! 

5. Make language learning fun and interesting. That way you will improve

6. Study words! Everyday. The number of words u know is the simplest indicator of one's fluency. Don't try to nail down every word, instead, increase your passive vocabulary. In time, your active vocabulary will also increase.

7. Language learning process is a slow one. Don't frustrate and never give up! Make short- and longterm goal


Hope this helps you. :)


PS. Check "Benny Lewis", a self-taught polyglot, for inspiration!

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