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I wanna Speak English with English speakers

I u wanna learn Arabic I  can learn u easly 




Find a professional teacher to give you one-on-one language lessons.

A professional teacher can teach you all aspects of a foreign language, including oral communication, grammar, pronunciation, writing, and more. A professional teacher can create a personalized learning plan for you..

Getting a professional teacher is the fastest way to accelerate your progress. If you are a beginner, we strongly recommend you start with formal language lessons.

Professional teachers either 1) teach offline as a job, or 2) have a certificate in education. Professional teachers upload their credentials to italki for verification.

thx Megan 4 help :)


I don't wanna to pay M.K  ... thx anyway


Message me! I will help you with English and I am VERY interested in learning Egyptian Arabic.

hey i'm from jordan i really like to be friend and exchange our knowledge in arabic and english language please add me on skype ::: abu_sada
if you want add me on facebook my name is :: ahmad abu sada

We "non-professional" English teachers are also an excellent resource for learning English.  Some of us use audio Skype but since we don't get paid we set our own hours and don't limit ourselves to any specific material.  I have been a professional flight instructor but the benchmarks in learning to fly are more rigid than language learning.  I prefer experienced but not necessarily professional instructors.


First, if you "want" to learn English, drop the slang.  English is my native language and my friends and I always use formal English. 


Remember that the instructor teaches and it is up to the student to learn.  Instructors hope that students study and make progress, but a good instructor adjusts the lessons to fit the student.  It is a poor instructor who repeats introductory material.  A good instructor will sense that a student is not serious and move on to another if the student does not work hard to learn.

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