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How do you relax after hard day?

Please tell)



By a bicycle to the mangrove forest in Shenzhen

To change your routine is a good thing to relax. To struggle different thing gets relax to someone. So, if your day  passed hardly,  you must do different things to relax. You can walk around in downtown, sightseeing in the pavement area, window shopping in the street etc. For examble, walking like an idle man gets so relax me. Especially I like walking near the seashore. Listening sea wave sound, watching seagull causes, causes to forget to all of my tired.  I think watchign TV, listening Music, going to theatre, reading a book are some relaxing things if you had a phsically tried. But if you had a mentally tried, I advise you walking in the street and if possible throwing out stones to the sea are good things to relax.   

infact i never had any hard day :( ,, all my days are  hard days :/ that's because i always stay at home ... i don't have any job :( ,, i also finsished my study :( ,, and all my friends live in other cities :'( .. so all my hard days when i do house hold chorce :( :( :(

I meet people I love and have a cup of tea with them in a cozy atmosphere  :)

Ah, I listen to music :)

I always take a nap.

All my working days are Hard because of my job nature. I use different methods and switch between them. The main purpose is to empty the occupied mind before reaching home.


I play bedmenton for 3o minutes in bedmenton court of my office (after office hours)

Meditate for 30 minutes (before going to home)

walk in the street

occasionally watch movies, tv shows on my laptop

hoteling, window shopping and many more depending on my mood

drink a cup of coffee with cinnamon and listen to Mozart)))

I usually eat my favorite food then listen to music as I sleep.

Hard day? hard day for me is when I stay with my mom!

I reax listen to chill out music.

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