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What race attracts you most?

What race attracts you most and why? It can be because of their looks, culture, tradition, beliefs, characteristics, language, food, country etc... 



Personally, I don't have a preference for a country or a culture over another: They are all interesting in their own special way. I think it is the variety of people's ways of thinking , lifestyles, languages, traditions that make our world such an interesting place to live in. As they say: Variety is the spice of life. And I think I would never get enough of knowing as many people/cultures as possible. Getting to know more people is a chance to see life from a different perspective and to experience new possibilities.

Perhaps the question could be rephrased as, "If you could choose to marry whomever you liked, what race would your spouse be?" I'd rather not answer. :P

Idk why but I have a thinng for East Asians haha


love their eyes and the languages 



No race or ethnic group attracts me. It would be kinda racist to be attracted just to some kind of group of people. I always focus on individual as their own world builder. It can live in any society in any social world. I found beautiful and caring people from arabic origin, japanese, danish, slovene, english, american, canadian, portuguese, african, chinese, phillipine, indonesian, taiwanese, thai, brasil, mexican, peruse, australian, from new zeland, russian, ukrainese, french, spanish, italian, turkish, israeli, polish, bolgarian, .... probably many more but thats how many I came with having only few mins to think about it. So you get the point now?


Thinking out of my own believes: A lot of times mixed blood is attractive blood to most of people. At least to majority.

Noone should ever be ashamed of their nationality or ethnic group. People are all beautiful in their own way(inner and outside beauty). Among thousands of factors to be with someone either friend or couple, the ethnicity should have last place. If good person is good person it is really hot his fault to happen to be in "wrong" ethnicity to be able to be friend or more with you. I think everyone deserves at least chance for friendship.

maybe religion. it must same with me :D

I'll keep it short and sweet; I'm mostly attracted to a persons personality and their good vibes, but in physical apperance I am generally more attracted to people from South Asia (More specific: India & Pakistan) and I'm drawn to Hispanics. 

I don't really care about race. All I know is I am attractive with you. 


Well I guess most people are attracted to a person's personality rather than which race he/she belongs.


You are absolutly right, Dutzy Doris.   Race doesn't matter too much but personality does. Personality is formed by culture of society which the individual has been grown up within and to which this individual belongs . So when you meet person race matter only while you don't get familiar to him/her but personality matter all way long you know each other :) 



I don't feel attraction to people of a particular race. But I'm attracted to men who are able to speak more than 2 foreign languages fluently, have lived in several countries, and can think outside the box while respecting traditions. 


It's always nice when I meet someone who is open-minded and are willing to crush any stereotypes. Also family-oriented men are a big plus.


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