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Sleeping at the class

Do you ever sleep at the class?
what do you do to avoid that?




of course!

Alhamdulillah! The answer is  no. At university, some professor are very boring so sleeping is the right solution to tackle that problem! Haha

so, how come do you sleep at the class, while u're not a student? :D

To avoid this phenomenon, the student should not go to classe.

Then, if the student don't go to class, how is their studying..? :)


yes especially after i got into universiy 

I want to know how people avoid sleeping in class. It's so difficult!


I have never fallen asleep yet, but I try really hard to stay awake! Usually, I only drink water when I feel sleepy.

i never fall asleep i just cant even when i try so all i do is draw on my hands to keep me from getting board or distract myself if the teacher tells me off for drawing i will daydream :D

yes i was sleep in the class.i think no any way to avoid it.

No, i dont. But almost. hahahha

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