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The Psychology of Language: Why Are Some Words More Persuasive Than Others?

This is an article that I was reading this morning and I found it quite interesting so I decided to share it with you all...


It's about communication and the psychology of language and what's actually going on in the brain when it processes a language and if words affect the mind in different ways 


Here is the link:



Thanks for sharing Stefania, Sometimes I feel confussed, I seem that I would find the point among my random words. It seem that sometimes I rely on the logic of languages to find the point that was cheated by myself.

It happens a crime in my country. I think polices use the method to ask that female sinner.

But I noticed that there is no reflection on her, but she does commit it.

I think it happen usually on chinese that they speak languages but there is no concept behind words.

Especially here where I am.

Perhaps it is the cause that made there is no reflection on the sinner.




I am dyslexic which to me means the left and right sides of my brain have trouble communicating with each other so to read how speech we hear goes to both sides for different reasons is really interesting.


I also love the examples of very visual verbs eg 'stab' and 'meander' give clearer pictures than eg 'poke swiftly' and 'walk slowly'


The bit about questions is interesting too. When I want to ask somebody for help, I don't like to ask directly because I don't want them to feel they have to help me. So my questions 'meander'! And later friends sometimes say "Why didn't you tell me you needed help?"...Hmmm....


Thanks for sharing this :)



If you are interested about this matter, I suggest you to read the NLP books of R.Bandler and J.Grinder.

They explain very good the psychology of language and the body language.



Thank you, I will definitely check out the books...have always been interested in these subjects! I did some study around body language when I was in college studying counselling and it was to me absolutely fascinating... 

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