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what will you do when you have stress about something?

do you sleep?

do you eat?





i would like to face it

Take a deep breath

Sometimes sleep as means of escape...

it's really simple take a nap, take a shower and then play video games. 

My work deals with stress almost every day.And trust me, sleeping,eatting and other doesnt help you in fight with stress.But you can have a hobby.For instance,I learn English,my friend goes to jym.

I just listen to music and escape away. If I have Soccer Practice, I take it all out then.

solve the problem

I prefer to speak with myself and decrease my stress.

I think no one can do it eccept yourself.



I prefer to take a bath :) when I have stress because of something or someone, I stay in nice and warm bathtub several hours. It is so relaxing :)

sometimes i would cry or just ignore the problem for a bit then come back to it good as new mwhahahahaaha

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