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Forgetting a language..?

I've been worried about this for awhile. That if you don't practice the language your'e learning you could forget it. I remember in 6th grade i was learning Japanese but i stopped practicing and totally forgot all my vocab words. DDD:! I'm currently learning Korean but i'm not going there till around 2015 and i don't use Korean much in everyday life. What is a good way to remember the things you learn about a language for a long time?




As for me, reading and listening to the music can really help. Surround yourself with the language you learn.

sometimes it is hard to learn a new language or even rember it but i find it really hard to surround myself with it very good so i just say random words to people they cant understand me but it helps me rember :) i only do it to my friends and music can help :) i love music and its really fun.


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