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the best song

whats your the best song? is it a local song or its known in many countries?



Hi, I would phrase this 'What is your favorite song?"  But my favorie song is Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney!


ok.i think you can have favourite songs but one of them can be the best song for you.

thankyou for your comment.

My favourite song is "Big  Big  World",which  is  known  in  the  world.

I havn't favorite song. I have many song's wich never will listen. But my choice depends on the mood. Now i'm calm and tired so listen calm music. For example ancient Bretone song "Ar Soudarded zo Gwisket E Ruz" by Gilles Servat

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scream and shout by britney spears and!

no particular song-- but I love folkrock and country music.

my favourite is Only One by Yellowcard. This song is well-known.

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