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How do you improve your english vocabular ?

Hi ,


How do you do for improving you english vocabulary ?

I speak weekly in english , i read english books , i watch english movies on tv ,

but my main concern , not yet resolve , is to find a usefull way to daily learn new words .


Please tell me how do you proceed.

have fun by learning :-)

Thanks in advance for your help



you should listen to the music and you might find words you dont know wich you could look up and reading the books is pritty good or you could talk to someone else who knows english so you can learn from eatch other :)

Hi Xavier we are on the same boat, I' ve been working hard these times, but, sometimes it looks like it is not working.


I try to be exposed to the English language the most I can (books, aticles, tv, youtube channels) aways with subjects of my interest, it helps with the fluence, but the vocabulary is also my problem.

Improving vocabulary takes time. I knew english all okay life and I still learn new Vocabulary daily. Let me know if you need any help. 

Thanls to all for your comment :-)

I search a new method and an easy and quick method , like learn two or three word a day or perhaps on word a day ( I don't knnow ) exactly .

The idea should be to stay only five or ten minutes a day on this kind of exercice and no more 


Thank for you reply and for your time :-)


Have a nice day

Hi Xavier, it is also my problem while learning english. But remember! Many ways to improve our vocabularies. Such as watching english movies as you said, :) Then if you like music, you can listening to english musics. But the best way for me, it's memorizing vocabularies everyday. Usually i memorize it every morning, then i try to make some sentences by using the vocabularies that i memorized. After that, i review the vocabularies before going to bed. :D

Everytime you encounter new words from watching english movies reading books etc... look for its meaning and use them in your daily conversation as possible... Knowing new words is useless because you might just forget them if your not going to use them frequently.

What i do is watch movies with English subtitle. When I found some words that i dont understand, i will find that words on dictionary.

Maybe it helpfull. Thank you.

Thanks all for your replies . 

What about specific web site or phone applications which allow you to learn few words a day ?


Thanks in advance for your help



I think there is no specific way but you can choose or find a way to yourself may be this way  suitable for you and not for me  , due to that I say we should memorize vocabularies and repeating themes then making tenses 

HI! There is a good website: . I`m sure,that it will help to improve your english skills!)

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