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Language Partner :)

Hi, I'd like to be language partners on italki. I'm Sam . I really wanted to speak Korean . Hope you can teach me sometime . I could also teach you to speak English in a fluent manner . I'm an English Literature college student, so basically English is almost my native language . Thanks :)


SKYPE: sammyskyness




Hello dear :D

May be i cannot teach you korean, but i hope we can be friend and we can talk about anything.

I couldn't find you in fb, so you can add me! mine is Cheer el Naura (
See you soon! :)

Hi el :) I really wanted to be good friends with u .Looking forward to it :)



I'm Korean and I can help you sometime on the net.

That means I can edit your writing(Korean) or teach some expression what you wanna know.







@Jun-seok Oh . I'm looking forward to be good friends with you . I hope we can help each other learn different languages . Do you have a Skype account or a Yahoo Messenger account in order for us to contact each other and start our learning process? Here's my Skype account: sammyskyness .Thanks a lot and nice to meet you :)

Heeeeey nice to meet you . I was looking for a skype friend too(and now I have some.) I think we can be good freinds. Please read my profile and if you want send me your precious friend application

Hi Jeremy . That would be cool . Please add me on skype. here's my account: sammyskyness . See ya :)

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