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What are the girls more beautiful of the world according you?



According you, Whose are the girls more beautiful on the world? I haven't travelled a lot. So my opinion affect less.....I have met girls of south america and i must to say that they are much sensual....In italy there are nice girls but i want your opinion about the girls of your country!!!!

Thanks in advance





I think beautiful of the soul cuz the look fades away and n this manner i can say girls of saudi arabia they r 100% natural and 0 plastic surgeries. They r pretty though 

I can't say which country has beautifull girl because in all countrys and citys or towns exist beautifull girl and ugly girl.

Colombia :D

iran has a lots of beautiful girls

you can search it on google

you can write ; WHY IRANIANS GIRL ARE..



Come to the Ukraine. The most beautiful girls are here :). Well, I think, any sandpiper is great in his own swamp. By the way, I was working in Iran over a period of two years and must to say what Hadis is right, the oriental beauty is some thing, especial on the North of Iran. I acquired many friends in Iran, but, unfortunataly, no female friend. They very protect their woman. Maybe it is right. 

Those who have beautiful heart


Scandinavia and California


I guess Venezuelans...:)

i think beautiful girls and ugly girls are everywhere, and people have general aesthetics in common, and different tastes too...but, personally speaking, besides soul, heart,appearance, i think confidence and 'interesting' is also important, and aura.

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