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What are the girls more beautiful of the world according you?



According you, Whose are the girls more beautiful on the world? I haven't travelled a lot. So my opinion affect less.....I have met girls of south america and i must to say that they are much sensual....In italy there are nice girls but i want your opinion about the girls of your country!!!!

Thanks in advance





I think beautiful of the soul cuz the look fades away and n this manner i can say girls of saudi arabia they r 100% natural and 0 plastic surgeries. They r pretty though 

I can't say which country has beautifull girl because in all countrys and citys or towns exist beautifull girl and ugly girl.

Colombia :D

iran has a lots of beautiful girls

you can search it on google

you can write ; WHY IRANIANS GIRL ARE..



Come to the Ukraine. The most beautiful girls are here :). Well, I think, any sandpiper is great in his own swamp. By the way, I was working in Iran over a period of two years and must to say what Hadis is right, the oriental beauty is some thing, especial on the North of Iran. I acquired many friends in Iran, but, unfortunataly, no female friend. They very protect their woman. Maybe it is right. 

Those who have beautiful heart

Scandinavia and California

Well.. Czech girls are often rated as the best looking in the world! ;)

I guess Venezuelans...:)

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