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Why do we need to respect teachers? (Please read the description)


In some cultures, teachers are still looked up. 

Let me play the devil's advocate.

They may have Ph.Ds, but they are working for and hired by students, not the other way around. Do you think it's OK for students to address the problem if a teacher assumes an air of superiority? 





because we learn from them~and there are many teachers have their special personal charisma ~because of their knowledge```but the repect is mutual```

Everybody and every profession deserves a respect. Respect means not to put someone the level of superiority. Respect means to give importance to their age, to their experience, to their effort and to their parental behavior. If someone assume himself a superiority, has an arrogance, in my view, he doesn't deserve a respect. Teachers are more important of our life than the other people. They generally have good personality, eager to teach, love the student like their parents and they are humble. Being good teacher is difficult as much as couldn't do only to make money. If a teacher only think to make money, and he/she sees his/her students only customers, yes we can professionally see them only a vendor who we pay their salary. But I think most of the teachers are not like vendors and they don't see their student only money machine; they work with big sacrifice, they don't make big money, they devoted themselves to their children and they deserve a big respect. (I'm a teacher too).


@crystalYe:  Hi, This was the question in the descrption: Do you think it's OK for students to address the problem if a teacher assumes an air of superiority?


For example, if you were taking a class of disrespecting the students, would you stand up and say to the teacher that his/her attitude is inappropriate? Or, would you just keep your mouth shut because you "can learn from the teacher"?


@makdis57: How about college professors? Let's see you meet a prof from a prestigious university. He/she must make a lot of money. Do you think he\she should be respected because of his/her influentinal status as an important scholar despite the habit of talking down to ordinary people?

@elenvital: Nobody who has the habit of talking down to ordinary people where they ever there don't deserve any respect. No doupt. But teachers generally has not this kind of habit or mustn't has this kind of habit. Because knowledge teaches people being humble and they don't know many things. Teaching something to anybody is a good thing and if you frankly want to teach, you have to have good behaviors.  A teacher who has bad behaviors couldn't teach anything to anybody. Because student is closed to learn from this kind of teachers. Yes, everybody can be different personality, somebody only seek their money, only work for their money, but in my view, teacherness even teaches to the teachers having good behaviors. For this reason, almost every culture puts the teachers a respectfull position. Teachers must be different, if some teachers see themselves an air of superiority as you mentioned, offcourse they don't deserve a respect. But if a teacher has bad behaviors, i think, student can complain to him to administration or they can give lower grade. Every school pay attention their student evaluation of their teachers. 



I appreciate your response. 

Let me make myself clear on my position since I have the feeling that I didn't explain clearly enough.

Ok, What I mean by "not respecting a teacher" is not the same with "disrespecting a teacher."

I'm questioning if it's OK that teachers deserve automatic respect because of their occupation. As you said, good teachers with dedication and passion for thier job should be respected like any other professionals. However, I think this respected status should be earned via job performance, instead of being automatically bestowed upon as the norm. It'd be great if I could hear your thoughts on this. 

@elenvital, I think we are saying same things but different style. I don't reject your standpoint but I try to say with my poor English that Teachers can reach respected position more easier than the other professional. Because being a good teacher teaches and get gained to teachers some good personalities. Therefore,  teachers generally have good personalities and every good personality deserve a respect. This is not an automatic process or a compulsory behavior but a conclusion which arises from good relation between students and their teachers.



As I understand it, in schools in the U.S., 

teachers are expected to teach their subjects, not to foster character development of their students. It is the job for school counselors, or possibly HR teachers. In the case of college professors, they are responsible for academic education only.  


"obviously they can still get in trouble and they are still sort of expected to pay some respect to an authority figure,"


1) Do you mean American students are supposed to respect their teachers because they are the authority figures who have control over the students' activities?


2) Does this mean the role of being a teacher gives authority, so that students need to automatically respect their teachers?


3) Questioning authority or accusing authority figures of inappropriate conduct is considered to be disrespectful in your country?


In addition, I'd like to know your position on what makdis57 and I were talking about. 

Would you agree with makdis57 saying "teachers generally have good personalities and every good personality deserve a respect."? Is there a difference in gaining respect between being a teacher and a other professional?



I do think there is no superiority to teachers. Teacher can work as teacher because students are in front of them. Teacher should respect the students so much because teacher knew how important the role of teacher is.

On the other hand, the students are difficult to deal with this situation because the person who pay for their education is the parents of them. If the students did know the situation that the money transferance was occured between them under, they are quite wise and clever. On the other hand, all the student including me in the young time thought that education was free. 


If the money transfer was not happened between the the parents of kids and the teacher, all the student regard them as the person who like to teach as hobby, charity and kindness. If this idea was built up, the all the people will judge differently.


To sum up, the most important point is the point of view of person who take the lessons.


I hope this helps.



Thanks for your contribution to this topic.

so, you think not all teachers deserve respect? 

You mean if one person teaches another without pay, he/she should be respected? If so, why?  


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