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Person looking for Ukranians to practice

Looking for language partners to practice Ukrainian. I want to expand my vocabulary. I still am in the beginners lever, because let's face it Ukrainian is a little hard. LOL. In turn, I can help you with English.



ОК. What can I do to help you ?

I can help you and then you will help me with English 

Якщо іще потрібна допомога, пишіть)


Hi) I can help you with Ukrainian)) I need help with English)

 Якщо хочеш поспілкуватися пиши)

I can help you with Ukrainian if you want )

Пиши, якщо хочеш поспілкуватись Українською мовою)

sure, i can help/ Just write me pm


It will be pleasure for me to help you with Ukrainian!)


Якщо потрібна допомога, звертайся)

Thank-you all for your kindness! I will resume learning Ukrainian in May when my time with the French language is put to a pause/on-hold. I will gladly request your help at that time. My Ukrainian is too bad right now. So, I will speak Ukrainian when I can dedicate time to it. :) Cheers! 

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