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Français beginners+1native GROUP!

I want to start a group to learn French on skype. I' am at the beginners level and looking for others who are the same. I want to bring us together to share and learn from each other. Perhaps speak a little, after all thats that only way we will learn to speak French. I want at least one person who is fluent or a native speaker in French to guide us. If not, I think we can help each other. Follow me with a message and I can add you on skype. We can chat at least once a week that way we can make progress and update/teach others what we've learned.



Hello :)

I speak french well but i like also improve my level in this language .
I love to teach what I know and to learn what I don't know.

I speak french and I live in france . I'd like to help you however I have gaps in English especially in speaking.
If that does not mind I'm ok ;)


Hey, I just started teaching myself French so I am down for this.

Hi. I just started learning French and would also like to join you.

I took three years of French a while back.  I don't remember much.  This idea seems interesting, I'd like to see how it develops.

Hi. I've never taken French classes but I really want to learn. 


Hello with pleasure to guide you about learning french. I have been learning french when I was a child in school, and I do learn in a french Center here in my city. Regards

Hi. I just started learning French)

HI I studied cafecreme 1 ( elementry level) in french institute but I have problem in listening & speaking . I am so glad to join this gruop.

hi, my name is Ade Perdhana from Indonesia. I just learn French for the first time. Maybe we can help each other. My skype is adeperdhana.

Thank you.

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