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Be a backpacker!

Wow~It's time for us to have brilliant vacation after lots of tiresome schedules.

So I am pretty interested in traveling! Could you share your personal experience with me?

And which country you may recommand?

Or who wants to go on a journey with me in this summer vacation?


Thanks for yuor help! 



yep, congrat u! :). I am happy if you visit my country- Vietnam. 

How's the temperature there?
I guess your country might close to tropical area,right?
Which part would be the best place for a backpacker to take a adventure?
By the way,there have tigers?

It was hot recent days. But now it's quite ok. Yes, my country is tropical :). So it has many things waiting for u.

Ah, u can go through Vietnam from north to south. Every region is different from the others. And it sounds great if u have a backpacker to take an adventure.

Ah ha, u can see tigers in zoo (:P)..

Anw, if u have a chance, do not miss to come Vietname one time. ^^

Hi! I think the choice of a country to visit depends on visa requirements of that coutry. For example, I am from Kazakhstan and sometimes it is really difficult to get visa to some European countries or USA. I like to travel myself and want to visit as many countries as I can, though it is difficult due to finances as well :-( , but I hope

Personally I would recommend England, I've been there myself and want to visit again (along with Scotland and Ireland). I like British English (no offence to Americans :-), culture and history. 

Uh! Persia... I don't know why but my dream is to visit a desert...

Or Morocco will do. :)

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