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Best Marketing Methods

Hello guys, My name is nico. Im studying about marketing. I try to make a good marketing method. How people / comsumers know/remember our brand. I also need newest innovation. Do you have suggestion for me? Books? Video? or article? Thanks in advance



Generally, marketing move away from building the company's position based on the brand. What "newest innovation" do you need? About building a brand?

yeah, building a brand. How 'a brand' can make people always remember it. Now, I am building a business of a coffee shop. but, The problem is there are many coffee shop in my city. How can we compete with others? but still, when people are talking about coffee, they are talking about us. Do you have any new ide or new concept in branding the coffee and the marketing?thanks dakkar for your opinion :)

How big is this company? Is it a company with national coverage or just local?

@ Dakkar: it is small company. I built ths coffee shop with my friends. My first goal is to make people in my city KNOW well about our product. We are DIFFERENT with other coffee shop. When people talk about coffee, they talk about US. :)


@ Speakfreely: do you have a link to the videos? I also try to watch youtube, but some are the same. Do you have unique idea? :) 

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