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question regarding language maintenance/learning

Hello all,

I had a question regarding my current languages, and whether I should focus on maintaining them and focusing on a new language or on continuing to improve on them.

I grew up hearing both Persian and Spanish, and have known and understood much of these languages my whole life. I only recently began speaking these languages. I started with Persian since my family had recently immigrated from Iran (nov. 2006) which put me at a language dilemma since my family couldn't speak English forcing me to utilize what little Persian I had picked up. The result ended up proving Benny's concept of L2 learning true (ironically I found out about this before having found Fi3M).
I started to "re-learn" Spanish in 2011 to some success, I quickly moved from Beginner to Intermediate (both in terms of reading/writing and speaking according to my italki tutor).

This brings me to my question,

I would humbly put myself at a B2 (for Persian) and B1 (for Spanish) level in these languages (my Spanish would prolly be low B1, but not low enough to be considered a beginner). However, as of late I have been still focusing on "learning" these languages as there are still areas where I could use practice. However, on the flip side I feel like I could instead focus on an entirely new language while I simply improve upon these.

So based on my situation should I just focus on maintaining these languages (which would include picking up new vocabulary and slang along the way) while I focus on learning a new language?



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