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Playing in a deaf (broken) phone.

Playing in a broken phone.

There is a game "deaf telephone" in children. 60 years ago, we sat down on a log or a step of the porch close to each other.Conductive whispered utter a word. The word passed through the chain changed to the last. Nobody knew what the word was said above. Was obtained utter nonsense.

This happened (like) to me and my friends from the U.S.. One dreamed of just a series of conversations in Russian. I do not know how to speak in English, and is the best suited for him. Gave him his SKYPE and E-MAIL to communicate. This fellow was lost. A little later, another American, gave me his SKYPE. I asked for permission to include it in your list. This procedure has been slow. It turned out as a joke: Roly home Manka not. Manka home Vanka not. Blame a big difference in time zones, 11 hours have to add an American to know my time.

At last he appeared in Skype. Asked fluently make the translation into Russian of all that to say. He was very interested in this format to build a relationship, but I asked for the text to be translated in advance because I can not speak in English. It appeared that he snatches contacted me from a computer at work. He promised to come home and tell me a story that I announced it. Us to have identical texts, I sent him in two formats the same text. It seemed we all agreed, but it took 32 hours, and during that time we were only able to write a few sentences, and not to say. Now I have a noon and at midnight it. In the evening, he called me, but I was asleep. Now I called him, he fell asleep. The effect of the game "telephone deaf" in action. Funny happened and sad.



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