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There are late and cold spring in Moscow this year...and what is the weather this spring in your city?

only in April came to real thaw and the snow started to melt.



in my city the wheather is very hot (india)

The sun is shining today but there is still snow on the hills and mountains above me and it is freezing cold (Wales, UK). I am thinking of moving somewhere warmer!!

In China,the weather is raining all the time.And all of us are wearing two articles of clothing now.I miss the sun.

>>ashok>> It must be hot (or warm, at least) in your city all the year...I think))))

>>Sioned Cati>> You want to move somewhere within the bounds of the UK? or you thinkin of changing your residence more radically???


>>wendy>>> oh, I so know what you mean!!! I can't live without the sun too long, too! something like spleen or depression begins then.

The same as there :(((((((((((((((

Here, in Hungary, this spring is very strange. In the middle of the March the spring comes usually, but the last month was so cold and rainy. The April is the same. The temperature is warmer a little bit, but the weather is very rainy and windy as well. I had to buy a new umbrella, for this weather. Otherwise everybody talk about the changed and unusual weather.


In Scotland we've had a long winter too. It was snowing a few weeks ago but now it's starting to look like spring and I'm so happy. It's not the temperature which bothers me in winter it's the lack of light. In the middle of winter it gets dark at about 2pm, so depressing.

it's shining sun here with a little hottest, around 23° and 24°, the real spring's weather  in Kenitra,Morocco

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