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Would you rather go a week without your phone or a week without your toothbrush?

Just a fun way to practise your English...



of course noooooooooo

i can't live without my toothbrush

My thootbrush is most useful for my survival rather than my mobile phone :)

If I lost my toothbrush, my friends would only speak to me by phone - or by sign language through a closed window ;)

@ Sioned Cati.... lol yes same here... but believe me I know people that would rather stick with their phone and go without the toothbush!!!...

Of course I'd rather go a week without my phone which is all I wanted:)

I advise all, if you forgot or lost your toothbrush you can use some amount of salt to clean your tooth. They see, salt will clean your tooth and your tooth will shine like a mirror:). But if you forgot or lost your phone there is nothing to do, it might be only smoke to communicate the others:). 

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