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I wanna learn hebrew

Hey guys I'm looking for someone to help me with my Hebrew. I'm still a beginner. I'll help you with your english or norwegian in exchange. Take care




Informal Tutoring!:)

Find a personal tutor to help you learn a language. Go to this page:

Copy and paste this link. You can learn hebrew and Kabbalah at the same time  ;)

Thanks Yshmael!


I could teach you what I know.  I am developing a program and need beta testers.  Message me if you are interested.

I'd gladly help you with that. I'm speaking hebrew

i can help u



I am an Israeli lawyer and just moved to Oslo. Interested in learning Norwegian...willing to tech Hebrew in return :)


Pls contact me if you're interested:

Hi Elin,


If you want someone to help you with English, I'd love to! I'm learning Norwegian and am looking for someone to skype with. Interested? Sorry, don't know Hebrew.




i would love to cooperate. I speak English but would love to improve it.

i'm a native hebrew speaker.

be in touch.


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