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How would you define art?

It's said that "cinema" is the seventh art... everything that captivates your senses and makes you feel intense and deep emotions is art? Where would you say is the line between impactful and artistic? Cause I'd say there's a line. If you think there's a substantial and appreciable difference between impacftul and artistic, Could you give me an example of an impactful movie and an artistic one? Thanks all for your contribution 



Art to me is something someone enjoys not just done for money if you know what I mean

"The lord of the rings"  I like it very much, The story line is very clear,and the visual effact is so nice!

We're all given an ability to create something. Yet, it can be either a craft, or a masterpiece. And the least I believe not every common human can produce. Likewise, there's a difference between an ability and a talent. Everybody's able to sing, or at least produce some sounds looking like a song, but not everyone is Caruso, or Freddie Mercury. Same with movies. 

Yet, there's one thing I have to mention: it's hard to speak about art at this specific part of human history; and it happens because words are tended to lose their real meaning. For e.g. Michelangelo is an artist and Vasya from Moscow wants to be an artist too. The first created Mona Lisa, and the least - two yellow dots on a white background. Yet, I believe, there will be somebody who'd say, "Vasya, you're the best artist ever".  


Artistic > Sita Sings the Blues

Impactful > The Hurricane

Art, i think, is to look into things from a very unique perspective. Every area though, has a bit of distinctive definitions of their own in terms of art. Also, art deals with creating those thoughts in the artist's mind as a masterpiece to show off the work. On the other hand, so said impact and feelings are only the natural reactions of people on the work, maybe a kind of realization. In this regard, something having an artistic meaning might be impactful at the same time. However, every intensive felling is not an artistic thing for sure. Cinema should be considered as a kind of art as well. Otherwise, what is it that makes art, the art?

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