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Online websites and resources for learning Chinese (for upper intermediate and advanced users)

I am constantly looking for new ways to study Chinese, and through the years I have been using numerous websites, programs, and applications for quickening my learning of this intruiging and beautiful language. This particular thread is for us upper intermediate and advanced learners to share tips on useful websites and other Chinese material.


The sites and apps I currently use are (arranged in order of how useful they are):

Chinesepod - great podcasts with quite a large library of media and advanced lessons, the downside is that it is very expensive; however, a tip is to become a member for a month and download all the podcasts and transcripts you need. The exercises and other stuff you get with a subscription is to me rather superflous.

Skritter (iPhone/iPad app) -  Exceptionally good app for memorizing characters, and very useful for learning their stroke order

Fluentu - youtube videos in Chinese with subtitles and translations, easy to pause and rewind

Memrise - site for memorising random stuff, there are some good collections for Chinese learning, although most of them are for beginners and intermediate learners

Popupchinese - relatively small library of podcasts, but free as long as you don't want the transcripts

Chineseclass101 - free podcasts, some of them are quite good, but it is only a monologue, no explanation of grammar or vocabulary usage


Moreover, if you are a upper level learner like myself and have a large library of Chinese books, movies, or the like, I'd be very much interested in exchaning files over dropbox. So message me if you fit that description!



Pleco (Iphone/Ipad app) is also a good one, best electronic dictionary by far.  If you have an ipad, I recommend downloading The Financial Times (Chinese) app as it has a selection of articles which you can access in Chinese/ English, this is good for checking your comprehension.


Hope that helps.


Pleco, of course! That one has become so integrated in my Chinese learning that I forgot about it. Bought it back in 2007 and been using it every day. The best dictionary out there, also, definitely worth paying for to get the extra dictionaries within it, that have more example sentences. 


It's a great list -- I had not heard of fluentu before, but it looks like an excellent resource.  I don't have much else to add.  Although not complete, the ChineseWiki page has some good information when you just need something explained in English:   Also, for using Popup Chinese, I recently found a couple of "Advanced" discussions (30 to 40 minutes) between Echo and MiaoMiao on topics such as recent air pollution and why people choose to come to / leave Beijing.  I understand only a fraction, but they are useful for an extended dose of Chinese.  

it's better have a living dictionary---a chinese friend to practice...

Gmmayer: would you mind direct linking those discussions? Sounds nes pretty interesting. 


Shawn: having Chinese friends or language buddies is pretty much a prerequisite for achieving a high level of Chinese. I don't know anyone who speaks mandarin well that doesn't have a good couple of Chinese friends, and that's me included. However, the more sources of learning you can get the better. 


There is no "one way" to learn Chinese. You have to expose yourself to many different sources in order to progress in a satisfying pace

To be honest ,to Chinese ,chinese is easy to learn .Just like you ,you are in a environment people almost speak your mother ━langue ,thus you think it's easy to learn too .Mabe ,you can try to meet more chinese in your life .And you can travel to china  if you can.






what do you recommend for begineers?

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